Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why This Millennial Gave Up on Christianity.

It’s been far too long since I have wrote a guest post for another blog. Some time ago, I had talked to the great blogger Lana Hobbs about writing a guest post, but I never got around to writing it, and it kept irritating me that I didn’t have the time. I never like to say that I am going to do something for another person, and then not do it, even if it’s circumstances that are beyond my control.

I finally finished the planned guest post last week, and Lana has posted it today. I was inspired to write my guest post after reading a much talked about post on CNN’s website by Rachel Held Evans about why people of the millenial generation are leaving churches. I saw quite a few responses to that posts from bloggers in the Christian establishment, former Christians, and young Christians struggling with their faith.

I felt like saying what I felt about the whole issue. It’s a different post from some of my more recent posts, I was in a somewhat frustrated mood when I wrote it last week, and it’s a departure from my recent posts, where I have tried to be more positive or self reflective, (but sometimes I don’t quite make it).

It’s more of a blunt, honest look at my frustrations with Christianity, and issues with Christian theology and church culture. Make sure to read the post, Why This Millenial Left Christianity on Lana Hobb’s blog.

Many of my issues were with how the teachings of a loving, merciful god common in modern Christianity didn’t reconcile with what I saw in the Bible, and in the world around me, it’s an issue that leads quite a few people to doubt fundamentalist Christianity. If you want another perspective on this, check out a recent post from another blogger named Lana, Lana Hope of Wide Open Ground titled "We Failed Her, We Didn’t Tell Her About Jesus".

  Lana Hope is also a former fundamentalist who had a lot of questions and doubts about the belief in a loving merciful God, but her doubts took her in a different direction. Lana grew up in a family with parents who were followers of IFB cult leader Bill Gothard. She became a missionary to southeastern Asia and for the first time, saw the depths of human depravity and evil. She visited a site that was once a high school, but the communist militant group Khmer Rogue had turned it into a death camp/slave labor camp during their reign of terror.

At this site, now a memorial to the victims of the Khmer Rogue, she saw the classrooms that had been turned into prison cells, exhibits explaining the torture and genocide that went on here. People hacked to death with axes, people raped and tortured into submitting to years of slave labor.

It was overwhelming to see it all, as you can imagine, and it made her wonder about all that she had been taught about God’s love and mercy, especially at the time she was there, one of the Khmer Rogue leaders, who went by “Comrade Duch” was facing a trial before a war crimes tribunal for his role in the atrocities, and he had claimed that he had converted to Christianity since then. Though my doubts and questions lead me to become an agnostic, her doubts took her in a vastly different direction. click here to read her post.


  1. here's where I went:

    Also, you are more than welcome to do guest series for my blog anytime.

  2. Thanks, Lana, it may be hard finding the time to do it, but I will get one going for you.

    I was happy to share your post, so many atrocities of the last 100 years have gone on forgetten by most. The barbarity of Khmer Rogue, the Armenian genocide, the massacres in Bosnia in the 90's are tragedies that most don't know about or have forgetten.

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